Wedding Favour Ideas

wedding favours

In any wedding ceremony, you need a nice wedding favor ideas. You want to show your guests your deepest appreciation for attending your wedding and for something that they can remember. They don’t have to be expensive, in fact you can buy some cheap items for your wedding favors.

Let see some wedding favors ideas below for you to consider:

1. Picture frames are very cheap and easy to find in any gift shops. They come with many designs and shapes. You may choose to put your small photograph in there or just a plain photo frame. I personally love photo frames as we have more choices.

2. An alarm clock can be an attractive favor. I found many brides and groom used alarm clock as their favors. They are cute with different shapes, colors and sounds. You can wrap it nicely and put it inside a colorful and cute box.

3. The most common favors are candies. You guests will definitely like them. You can choose chocolates, sweets, cupcake, pudding or anything else you think suitable and put them neatly inside your favor box.

4. Don’t forget children that will be attending as well. Think of something that they might like. Crayons, books, story books, fun putty or anything that keeps them from running around and disturb others.

5. Candle light in fact can be a good favor as well. You can use plain votives and add embellishments or choose decorative, shaped candles for a more festive favor. Apart from that candles can give sentimental value and romantic as well.

These are the few wedding favor ideas that I can think of right now. You can think of other favors as well. Maybe you can choose something that people can eat right away or pick something that people can remember. No need to pick something expensive, save your money for other things.


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