Theme ideas

gold wedding theme

Choosing a wedding theme is the very first thing you need to. Everything else will follow the theme that you choose. Decorations, colours, invitation, foods, cake and other things that are related to wedding will be based on your theme. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right one that reflects who you truly are. Below are some ideas for you to consider.

Pick two of your favorite colors. The most popular color combinations are black and pink, brown and pink, brown and blue, red and white and black and white. Whatever combination that you prefer, they will always look good to go together when they are incorporated into the entire occasion. Don’t worry what to do next, at this moment you just need to choose color combination that you really like and truly a reflection of who you are.

Choose some era and culture to go for. Some people want an Arabian night, some want the eighties or seventies and some even prefer a butterfly theme. Decide between the two of you whose culture can be used as an official theme or you can just choose from any culture or tradition that you know and admire. If you are an American, probably you want to try Asian, Indian or African wedding. Your wedding could be great this way when your theme is unique and special. You may learn or obtain more information about this from the internet, magazines and TV.

Determine if the location is suitable for your theme. If you decide to have a beach wedding for example, you may have a Hawaiian luau. Also you may have your theme that relates to a season. A garden wedding is suitable in the summer or spring. A winter wonderland is suitable in the winter.

So, choose wisely your wedding theme. You may discuss with your spouse or you may ask your friend’s or relative’s opinion.


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