Tips to write wedding invitation cards

wedding invitation card

Wedding invitation card is one of the  important element in the whole wedding process. Therefore it is very crucial for you to know and learn to write a good wedding invitations wording.

Wedding Invitation Card Photo, Detailed about Wedding Invitation ...When you write a wedding invitation, remember to be original and don’t take a short cut by simply copying the generic pre-written wedding invitation cards. You have to let people know your feelings and voice. Write in down, describe how special this event is and how important it is to you that your guests attend the ceremony.

Send out your invitations at least one month before the ceremony to give your guests time to make necessary arrangement to attend your wedding.

Here I’m giving the steps on what to include in your wedding invitation cards:

Step 1

Decide who is announcing the wedding – some couples would prefer to make the announcement themselves and sometimes the announcer can be the couples parents, uncles or anyone else in the family. It is entirely up to you.

Step 2

Decide whether your wedding will be formal or informal. If you decide to be formal, you may use the word like ‘Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ling request the honor of your presence’ or a word like “we love your presence” if you decide to be informal.

Step 3

In general, use the term ‘the honor of your presence’ if the ceremony will be held in a place of worship. Otherwise use ‘the pleasure of your company’ or another less formal phrase.

Step 4

List the bride’s name, put first and middle after her parents’ name. For example, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ling request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Ivy Suzy.’

Step 5

Follow the bride’s name with the full name of the groom: ‘to Robert Synder.’ You may choose to name the groom’s parents: ‘son of Mr. and Mrs. London Synder.’

Step 6

Write down the date: ‘Saturday, August 15 2013.’

Step 7

Mention the time of the ceremony: ‘at 6:30pm sharp.’

Step 8

List the place, address and theme of the night (if you have this idea).

Step 9

You have to get ready a stamped, self-addressed reply cards. Enclose together with the reply cards separate maps for the guests. Be sure to include the guest names on the card to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding later on.

Remember don’t do this last minute. You need to send out to your guests at least one month earlier, meaning you must complete and send to the printing company about two to three months earlier. Just follow the outlines above on how to write wedding invitation cards, you will never go wrong.


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