Wedding Menu Ideas

wedding tasting menu

Many couples that are getting married don’t know what wedding menu to serve and some don’t even know where to start. Wedding food is very important in a wedding reception. You will notice that your guests will be looking forward to your reception instead of your ceremony. This is where they can relax and enjoy the conducive environment and delicious foods. Below are some wedding menu ideas and tips for you.

Decide on what type of setting you want for your reception. Are you having a dinner reception, lunch reception or just a high tea? Do you plan for a buffet style or a sit-down meal? Your decision must be based on your budget. A buffet dinner is always cheaper than a sit-down dinner.

Either you choose a buffet style or sit-down dinner, always check the menu. If you have your reception in a hotel or in a private restaurant they must have few options for you to choose. Again, your decision must be based on your budget and the type of guests. Who are your guests? If majority of your guests are adults you may choose to have something hot and spicy. Chinese wedding setting is getting popular now and perhaps you want to consider trying it out.

If you plan to have your wedding at home you must consider either to do it yourself or to employ a caterer. If your decision is to do it yourself, by all means you have to get your family members and close friends to assist you. I believe many of them are good in cooking or maybe one of your relatives is a cook. You can save a lot of money this way.

Food catering is another good option. If you prefer just to relax on your big day and enjoy yourself, just get a caterer. They will do everything for you. Pick a few good caterers in your area and choose the best in terms of price and quality.

Now is the time that you really have to think about your wedding menu ideas. You can discuss with your spouse, relatives and friends. If you need a precise strategy where you can save up to 20,000 of the actual costs and to avoid any mistakes along the way, I recommend to you, wedding on a budget. This will help you to save your money, time and energy.


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