Useful wedding dress ideas

wedding dress ideas

It can be very irritating sometimes when come to choosing your wedding dress gown. The problem here is that you must look for the wedding dress that fit your body shape. As we all know wedding is a one time life event (for most of us I hope), so it is crucial for you to be at your best during your happy day. Here, I’m giving some tips for you to find your perfect dress.

Hourglass figure

Get an hourglass figure with this Elma Reis wedding dress | BridalwaveIf you have an hourglass figure, a strapless or off-the-shoulder gown is just right. Choose the one piece gown instead of two piece gown.Two piece gown will make you look shorter or funny. As if your lower and upper body is split into two parts.

Straight cut or straight design is not suitable for hourglass figure. You will want to accentuate her curves. Avoid heavily beaded dresses that can tend to make the bride appear heavier.

Pear-Shaped Figure

Shape Special: Pear-shaped brides - Wedding dresses ...A woman with this shape has smaller shoulders and upper body than lower body. If you have this type of figure the best is you wear shoulder pads or puffy sleeves. Do not use any type of body hugging gown, full skirts, or cuts that make the upper body appear even smaller or the lower body larger.





Square figure

Ball Gown Strapless Square Shape Floor-length Wedding Dress ...If body shape naturally square, it is important for you to look for type of dress that can help you to “highlight” certain curves on your body or in other word, create the illusion of curves. Bigger skirts and sleeves are also ways to add curves. The square figured bride should avoid sheath or clingy dresses that contribute nothing to creating the illusion of curves.





Short and Petite Figure

Free images wedding dress | Blog | Wedding dresses for petite womenIf you are short, don’t worry. There are many ways to help you to look and feel better. Shoestring straps and off-the-shoulder gowns will work the best. A Cinderella gown will look beautiful and will add a touch of romance.

Wearing straight gowns will make you look even shorter. If you already choose a straight wedding gown, you may want to offset it with full veil. Your wedding shoes also play a very important role to make you look taller. You my want to use an elevator shoes which will make you look taller, or you even want to consider wearing high heels. Make your wedding gown doesn’t hit the floor.

The logical explanation here is to hide or to fake temporarily your body parts that don’t really appear attractive to others.


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