Planning on a budget

wedding budgeting

Wedding is one in a lifetime event (hopefully :-) and should be something to remember for the rest of our lives. When we talk about the happiest and biggest moment in life, we will imagine it involves a lot of money. But do you really think you need a huge amount of money to realize your dream wedding?

Let see how to plan a wedding that you will always remember and at the same time prevent you from over spending. most cases, vendors will take opportunity to suck people’s blood because they know people will do anything to have their biggest day to be remembered forever. Any related products or services will become so damn expensive. That is the reason why if you don’t have a proper plan and guide, you will end up paying debts for the rest of your life.

Remember, any mistakes you make in your cost calculations cannot be reversed and trust me you don’t want to regret later in your life. You must have a ‘wedding on a budget guide’ if you want to save lots of money, time and energy.

How to plan a wedding is not difficult at all if you have the proper tool to assist you. I advice you to use this free wedding budget calculator to roughly estimate the overall costs. Once you have some ideas on what is your total expenses going to be, the next move is to learn how to slash some of those unwanted items.

Use our free wedding budget calculator

The idea on how to plan a wedding here is not to cut your expenses until it looks dull and boring. The idea is to help you to reduce your expenses but at the same time still can have an elegant and beautiful celebration. Please remember that you are just taking the first steps in your journey as a husband and wife. Think ahead of time, especially when you have kids. You need money! So, start saving some money now.


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