Your wedding on a budget

wedding budgeting

Are you worry about your wedding budget? We all know that wedding is one of the most important events in our lives but how many of us actually afford to spend thousands of dollars to have a perfect wedding? Do we have to remain single just because we don’t have enough money to get married? The answer is NO, we can have it perfectly regardless of our financial constraint. Let see some ideas on wedding on a budget below.

Sandhills Wedding Expo > HomeOne critical area that you really have to look at is the wedding reception. There are many things you need to do as follows:

Limit the number of your guests

Do not invite everyone. Just invite your relatives and close friends from both side. These are the people who really appreciate you.

Buffet dinner style

I believe most people prefer served dinner but who cares. You can always choose to have buffet style. It is simple and cheap too. The most important thing is the food taste and not the serving style.

Buy important stuffs only

List down everything to avoid buying unnecessary things. Prioritize it, put the most important things at the top followed by the least important things. Trust me, you’ll be amazed on how you can actually save a lot!

Make your own accessories

In this case you have to be a little bit creative but not to worry. You can ask your friends or relatives to help you with this. Self decoration is actually simple than you might think and you really can have fun with your friends. A good example is your flower arrangement. Why you need to hire a florist? You can be the best florist in your area.

As I said earlier, you can enjoy your biggest day regardless of your financial difficulty. My advice is that if you really need a complete guide on how you can save a lot of money from A – Z, you really need this book, Wedding On A Budget. With this book, you can save thousands of dollars on your budget compare to a small amount you need to pay when you purchase it. Think about it and make a wise decision!


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